Markets, Monopolies and Municipal Ownership

Below you can view my new pamphlet ‘Markets, Monopolies and Municipal Ownership: The Political Economy of Higher Education in Thirteen Theses and Thirteen Short Pieces’.


I will be selling physical copies of the pamphlet at UCU and HE related events for £2 (unwaged/student), £3 (waged, supporter) – see blog for details of upcoming events – but if you really want to download the pdf, you can do so here:

From Markets To Monopolies To Municipal Ownership

If you download a copy, please could you also follow the blog, either by email or by Twitter (or both – see links at side of page).

The pamphlet is meant to be a contribution to building a movement against marketisation in HE, rather than a commodity to make money or confer status.

I would ask you not to distribute the pdf to other people, but rather direct them to the blog so that they can also follow.

If you would like me to come and speak at a meeting or pledge support with a brief statement of why you think the pamphlet is important, which I can then post on the blog, please email: