Willetts the Conqueror

Below are collected the instalments in the multi-part critical review of David Willetts’ A University Education, described by John Bellamy Foster in Monthly Review as a “lucid deconstruction” of Willetts’ which goes “far beyond most other analyses”.

Willetts the Conqueror: Introduction

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 1: Market Populism

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 2: Creative Destruction

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 3: Human Capital

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 4: Audit Culture

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 5: Knowledge Exchange

Willetts the Conqueror Pt 6: Academic Freedom

Thanks for your patience and support with this somewhat Sisyphean project, I think it has been a useful exercising in seeing the totality through a wilfully partial and ideological distortion.

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